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A medecine which takes into account the living being as a whole, in its entirety.

For instance a simple bronchitis shall probably be perfectly cured through classical methods,  however, recurring bronchitis will show the limits of this approach. Couldn't we treat the surounding field in parallel in order to strengthen it?

The osteopath, or chiropractor, by re-balancing the structures, is going to allow a perfect blood, lymph, and nervous influx circulation....The whole organism will be armed in the best way against various agressions, and will be prepared to heal with  100% of its potenltial.

Yes?, you could see the osteopath as an humble servant of Lady nature. He (or she) who harmonise each structure with the others so as to let "Natura Medicatrix" operate in all its splendor, with all the power remaining in the organism.

A rural veterinary who encounters two or three times the same pathology in a farm, listens to an alarm bell and looks at the herd as a whole, in order to give guidance on what is the correct approach for the farmer towards his livestock and its environment. (Comparable situations happen wether in kennels, haras or cat breeding.)

The veterinary-osteopath shall have the same approach within the individual animal.