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How does the osteopath work?

With his hands

The presence of contractions, heat, dissymetries, but also anomalies of movement are as many informations leading to a diagnosis.

Through his hands, the therapeut listen to the body as a cardiolog uses a stethoscope. Such joint has lost mobility, or is completely stuck, this organ is twisted or  squeezed in its aponevrosis and malfunctions.



The treatment is 90% without force

"Your hand brake is stuck; jump on it with joint feet, it wont budge, but if you succeed in lifting it just a little, it shall unstuck."

Your cat has torticolitis, your horse leaves its poll on the left when you turn right..I shall take their head and invite them to go as far as it is still possible, I shall guide them and help them to maintain that extreme position for a few ten seconds until the body asks for mercy. In freeing my grip, I allow your companion to recuperate its head and unlock it. Yes they do all the work! I simply remember them how to do it.



What are the arious techniques?

  • The use of long levers like members and neck;
  • Muscular chains;
  • Fascia;
  • The primary respiratory movement;
  • Thrusts.



Some complex techniques would be to long to describe here.

Vertebral ajustment is treated within the physiological limits of the body: when there is luxation or dislocationit is not  for the ostheopath anymore.

Example: Milord, a ten years old black caniche, after two "massages" ,jumps in the armchairs again! He never did not show any pain, but appeared to have suddenly gotten old, refusing to jump in the car, to run for its playball, and did not follow its mistress in the basement anymore. " You made it 3 to 4 years younger, doctor!"



Example: Pas'chic, an 11 years-odl cavalier king charles , as many individuals in that race, bears a left cardiac insufficency, made more severe by a large arythmy only controlled with utmost difficultty.  It was sent to me by a colleague in order to improve its general locomotion.  I found a large locking on the vertebra near the heart, where the heart fascia inserts. Pas'chic has found a  new gait and is not treated for arythmia as of now.

What are Dr Still main principles?

  • Interdependency of structures:a torticolitis leads to a mobility reduction of the shoulder.
  • Unity of the body: obligation to look the body as a whole and not only the  region under suffering.
  • The self-regulation capacity, auto-healing: through the search for harmony of movement between the various structures,the ostheopath gives back to the body 100% of its potential of self-healing, of protection against external agressions and also of performance.
  • La règle de l'artère: tout le monde admet le rôle primordial de l'artère qui apporte oxygène et nutriments aux tissus, mais combien d'entre nous sommes conscients qu'un petit os anodin peut comprimer l'artère et avoir de fortes répercussions?


Ex illustration 1: Femoral arterycompressed by the perone, the tarsa3 bone  or the lateral rudimentary meta carpianl.
Ex illustration 2: Vascular arborescence of the aorta and marrow