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Ostheopathy as a complement. limitations

What links with other soft medecines?

Although very close by phylosophy, acupuncture and homeopathy both need an intermediary to heal. The osteopath made of his own hand the priviledged tool through which he listens to his patient and with which he heals. Energetic meddecines add up mavelously.

What links with medecine?

Complementary to any medecine, ostheopathy has its place near to classical medecine. Working together allows to treat the cause and itd effects and as ia consequence, to reduce convalescence delays and imrove the level of healing.

A first example: An  ulcer piercing through the stomach requires

  1. an urgent surgical intervention,
  2. during convalescence, medecines to protect the stomacal mucosis and regulate the motility of the organ,
  3. the ostheopath shall then work on the functionnality, the stomach movements.

Indeed, couldnt we consider that the ulcer has developped inthis precise place  by lack of motility and accumulation of powerful gastric juices on a one and same place? Getting out of the vicious circle of recidive, why not?



A second exAmple: Your horse has been affected for several month of an intermittent and erratic lameness.

You know, one day all is well, the next morning worthy of and old retired one. When the vet comes, there is nothing left, but two weeks later a lameness on the other anterior shows up! And so on until a clear lameness appears. A diagnosis, followed by a correct reatment heals your horse, it does limp anymore but you dont recover it entirely, it does not show the same suppleness, the same lightnes than at the time of its splendor.

Indeed your athlete has been compensating for several weeks or even a month before the appearance of a frank lameness. Infiltration, lshoeing, lanti-inflammatories have relieved it, but to heal it completely we shall have to eliminate compensation and the vicious circle of posturing in which the horse ha been installing itself.

Or more: your teckel is brutally blocked urgency infiltrations do not have the previous miraculous effect anymore ! The osteopath will through very soft manipulations, free the vascularisation of the spinal marrow and allow the anti-inflamatory and the natural mechanism of healing to take place and perform they work fully.

The osteopath also plays a great role in prevention and health maintenance. With his sensibility, he detects very early the dysfunctions before their injurious manifestations, and therefore contributes in keeping the animal in a perfect equilibrium, physically  and psychically.Your companion shall thus keep all his chances to stay in good health near you for a long time and shall be able to give its best in competition, if that is your wish.

Can all animals be manipulated?

Yes, one must os course be aware of their anatomic peculiarities and not take unconsidered risks