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the founder

Dr Andrew Taylor STILL

Biographical summary

Dr Andrew Taylor Still was the founding father of osteopathic medecine, as well as the the founder of the first college of ostheopatic medecine.

He is born in Jonesboro (now Jonesville), Virginia, on the 6 aug 1828,. His father was at the same time methodist minister and doctor in medecine. The youg Andrew Still decided very early that he would follow his father's tracks and and become a doctor. It is working along with him that he learned his trade, as much as along his academic learning He later joined the service as army surgeon during the civil war.

It is only at the beginning of the 1870ies that Dr Still diverged from his colleagues M.D., overtly criticizing the wrong use of medecines at the time. Convinced as he was that medecine had something else to offer the patient, Dr Still supported a  phylosophy of medecine different from what was put in practicin these times and recommended instead the use pf a manipulative osteopathic treatment.

Dr Still founded a medical phylosophy based on principle who go up to Hippocrates, father of all medecines. This philosophy insists on the unity between all aprts of the body. He identified the musculo-skelletion system as bein a key element of health. He understood the capacity of the body to self-heal and encouraged preventive that is eat well and stay in good shape.

On may 10,  1892  Dr Still founded The American School of Osteopathy (Now The Kirksville College of Ostéopathic Medecine). Dr Andrew Still died on 12 decembre 1917 at the age of 89 .

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