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Anaestesiae are designed to be the shortest possible with minimal risk. After a general examination, a thorough auscultation of the heart and a pre operation blood check-up, the animal is

  • cathetered (even the cats)
  • intubed
  • under respiratory and cardiac monitoring
  • Under oxygen


Anesthésiologie Anesthésiologie

The awakening ouf your pet is as important as the anaestesia proper and is not neglected.

  • Medecines against pain are injected before awakening, a band shall be installed if necessary at the level of the surgery site.l
  • Your pet awakes in a calm and warm place. Once  awake, it leaves the awakening place to be installed in an individual cage where we shall continue to watch over it
  • It shall be brought outside for its needs, several times if necessary
  • If your pet shows a respiratory stress or requires a complementary oxygenation, it shall be placed in a "cage with oxygen" as long as needed for its recuperation