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Motivated as we are to prevent problems and detect them early, we offer one hour of conselling and experience to each newcomer. Moreover, many seemingly anodine questions on the behaviour of your pets shall be asked at each annual consultation. If needed an alarm bell shall be rung and a behaviouial consultation proposed , on appointment. Indeed one hour shall be needed to fully investigate the case.

We organize children days in order to increase their sensibility to the place of animals in our society and to teach them how to identify a frightened animal and which can present some danger. (cfr.chidren's corner).

We do invite specialists for the most complex cases.

Various readings shall be proposed at the surgery, most of them free of charge.

"A dog's education" Dr Joel Dehasse "Dog and child, from security to complicity" published by'ONE "A good dog tolive well" published by  Union Professionnelle Vétérinaire
"How to socialize my puppy?" published by Eukanubia &t Ceva santé "the law of the strongest" by Dr Eric Witvrouw, i'M éditions) " A dog YES; bites, NO" published  by :ministère de la santé