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The most frequent acts are tartar removal, polishing, tooth extraction.

Numerous prophylactic measures shall be brought to your attention in order to lower the number of interventions over the life of the animal.

An thorough examination of the buccal cavity allows to evaluate the overall dental health, presence of dental plaque, tartar and/or loosening.



Détartrage Détartrage Détartrage
Removing tartar Remaving tartar Removing tartar
Détartrage Polissage Polissage
Removing tartar Polishing Polishing

Parodontal sickness has various consequences:
  • bad breath
  • teeth falling
  • Local abcess formation, with eventual fistle under the eye or even provoque the break of the mandible
Fistule sous l'oeil

Fistule sous l'oeil
  • Abcess formation from a distance by bacteries passing thrpough the blood circulation