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Vaccination protects your pet from several infectious illnesses (virus, parasites, bacteria).
During the vaccination visit, a general examination shall be completed and couselling shall be provided, as a function of the age of your pet. At this annual visit we shall also control the parasite status of your animal;.

It is very important to know that the vaccination must be preventive: it is too late and even dangerous to vaccinate a sick animal.

Vermifugation (treating against internal parasites)

This is an important matter for the pet but also for the whole family. We insist on the necessity to treat your pet every three months.

  • Very young chidren present
  • Acces to the bed
  • Tendancy to lick 

Treating against external parasites

Fleas mainly feed on our friends blood (look out for small red bites often very pruriginous at the ankles), but live in the house most of their life in the shape of eggs, larvae, nymph and finally adults. Let us not be invaded and  let us fight regularily at the source..

Ticks are dangerous because they vehiculate Borreliose also called the Lyme illness. The transmission can only take place on the first instalment on the skin, the tick that you remove cannot in any case contaminate you.


A pet is with you for the best and the worst!

Have you heard that one before?

You must know that for pets, at least, the most  happens on the first coming home.

It is so difficult to change a bad habit, it is better to teach it our desiderata, right from the start.

Travelling with you pet

You leave the country

  • What are the formalities, are they the same for France or Scandinavia?


    How do we find out?

    Cick herei  paragraph dogs and cats on travel

  • At the sea side or in the mountains, by car or airplane

There are small precautions which can largely simplify your life

Downlaod this document and print it travelling with your pet

Searching for hotels which accept pets? We can help with an annuary of such hotels

je voyage avec mon chien