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Soft medecine


Very early, ostheopathy has completed my therapeutic arsenal (cfr this site). This medecine is based on the capacity of the body to self-heal, once perfectly in harmony. Sometimes I am called so late that the body pains to react to only one structural harmonization, because in these cases disharmony has resulted in neurophysiological and chemical modifications.


Nutritherapy is a science which is more and more understood by advanced food and food-additive manufacturers. We insure adds-up as a function of the individual case using a traditional blood sampling and another one, more peculiar.


Biotherapy is for me the best answer to my lacking the capacity to interview the animals directly. Indeed when using homeopathy, you must corner your patient with great accuracy, or meet bitter failure. Biotherapy associates various remedies within dilution and operating mode agreement, in such a way to palliate that difficulty. Based upon 'homotoxicology i.e. the study of the influence of toxines on the organism, this approach helps me to take on neurphysiological and chemical modifications in tissues and cells. It is rather cheap and well tolerated, so  I personnally think it has a good future!