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Beware sensitve souls, following illustrations show real interventions.

A few examples :


Of convenance or sterilisation:


La chienne est intubée, monitorée Les champs sont en place Incision au bistouri électrique
The bitch is tubed, monitored Fields are put in place Incision with electricel bistouri
La matrice est sortie, une corne et puis l'autre Ligature des ovaires Transfixion du col utérin
The matrix is brought out, one horn then the other Ligature of the ovary Uterine neck transfixion

On undesired cover


Diagnostiquée et opérée le 20ième jour de gestation

Diagnosed and operated on the 20eth day of gestation

On a glandulo-cystic with a dysotrophic ovary


Utérus glandulo-kystique et ovaires dissymétriques Ovaire gauche Ovaire droit
glandulo-cystic and et dissymetrical ovaries Left ovary Right ovary

Mammal tumor


They come from female hormones, note that in order to avoid them it is advisable to sterilise before puberty. a large and early removal significantly increases our chances to avoid recidive. A thoracic X-Ray shall be proposed in order to verify the eventual existence of pulmonary métastase. Sometimes the courage to submit one's bitch to surgery here is a happy example.

Zora, a 10 years old rottweiller, was brought to me with a lump which annoys her walk and where the skin is more and more often hurt. The general status is excellent but quality of life is degrading quickly. Risks and eventual complications have been explained, the decision to grant it a last chance has courageously been taken by its owner.

Zora est tranquilisée Une tonte large est pratiquée La masse tumorale
Zora is put to sleep a large shear is prepared The toumorous lump
La masse tumorale Des précautions sont prises pour préserver la suture!
The tumorous lump Precautions are taken to preserve the surg!

Zora is in good shape and playful again, and jumps like a long time ago! It even took on weight.

Fore Crossed Ligament  extra capsular


Preparations are long and minutious: shearing of the entire limb, pelvis included, multiple disinfection, tranfer to the surgery, control monitoring installation,  surgeion tools preparation, various sterile clothes,...

On peut enfin démarrer Repérage anatomique Repérage anatomique
At last we can start Taking anatomical bearings Anatomical bearings
Incision des plans successifs (cutané, aponévrotique, musculaire) Ouverture et nettoyage de l'articulation Forage
Successive depth incisions (Skin, aponevrotic, muscular) Opening and cleaning the joint Boring
Mise en place d'un renforcement extra capsulaire Mise en place d'un renforcement extra capsulaire
Installation of an extra capsulary reinforcment Installation of an extra capsulary reinforcment

Hemangiosarcome of the spleen


Billie has taken 10 years in 24 hrs, Urgency examinations have revealed a severe anemia linked to a hemorragious tumor of the spleen. Metastases do not appear to be present in the liver. Surgery is attempted after a double blood transfusion. Tranquilizing and preparation are made under monitoring and oxygen. La tranquilisation et la préparation c’est faite sous monitoring et oxygène
During anaestesia  Billie shall be tubed, perfused and minutiously followed by a qualified person. We take out a spleen four times its normal size. Nous retirons avec succès une rate ayant  quadruplé de volume
The liver has not been polluted. Billie runs again and feels like a marvel. Nous retirons avec succès une rate ayant  quadruplé de volume

Exploratory Laparatomy


In some rare complex cases opening the abdomen is necessary to establish the various diagnostic options..

Diaphragme, foie - vésicule biliaire Pancréas en place et sorti Pancréas en place et sorti
Diaphragm, liver - gall bladder Pancreas in place and brought out
Pancreas in place and brought out
Duodénum Des biopsies sont généralement réalisées durant cet examen
Duodenum Usually biopsies are performed during this type of examination


A cystotomy on a large retropenian calculus

Boutchic image radiologique Cystotomie Cystotomie
Bout'chic K-Ray image The bladder Cystotomy